IRIS 15 High Resolution Imaging

High Resolution Imaging IRIS15

IRIS15 Scientific sCMOS 카메라는 넓은 FOV와 15M pixels의 고해상도 이미지를 제공 합니다.

  • IRIS15 Scientific camera
  • 15Megapixel Camera (5056×2960)
  • 4.25um x 4.25um Pixel Area
  • Large 25mm Diagonal Field of View


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Sensor TechnologysCMOS, Gpixel GSense 5130 Scientific CMOS sensor
Quantum Efficiency73%
Pixel Size4.25um X 4.25um
Supported InterfacesPCIe ,USB3.0
Spectrum CapabilitiesVisible(400-700nm), Near Infrared(700-1000nm)
Read Noise(median)1.5 e-
Sensor Area21.49mm X 12.61mm , 24.9mm Diagonal
Frame Rate30fps @16bit
Iris 1514M pixels (5056×5056)
Lens InterfaceF-mount

Large Field of View

The larger format 25 mm sensor of the Iris 15 is designed to increase throughput, maximize the amount of data captured and take full advantage of new, larger field of view microscopes.

High Resolution

The small, 4.25 µm pixels provide highly detailed images across the imaging plane, which allows for the highest resolution when using lower magnification objectives.

Advanced Triggering

Programmable Scan Mode provides increased control over the rolling shutter exposure and read-out functionality of CMOS sensors by providing access to the sensor timing settings to allow optimization around applications that require control over the line time.

Superior Background Quality

The Iris 15 features Pattern Noise Reduction Technology and Correlated Noise Reduction Technology to ensure that it delivers clean, pattern-free images with minimal pixel defects, delivering improved image quality in low light conditions.

Compact Form Factor

The Iris 15 is a compact 78 x 78 x 108 mm with optimized cooling for the size, ideal for integration into new or existing configurations.

IRIS 15 Camera Datasheet

Iris Camera Manual