Macro View System


제품 소개
C-elegans, Zebrafish, drosophila, embryo, mouse 등의 형광 실험을 저 배율에서 수행하는 고객에게 최적화 된 장비입니다.

  • 재생산, 개발 용도
  • gene, protein 등의 기능 분석

MVX10 : 제품명

  • M : (Macro)
  • V : (View)
  • X : (Olympus Optics)
  • 10 : (Zoom ratio)

제품 특징

  • 가장 밝은 Fluorescence Macro Microscope
  • 고품질의 이미지에 중점을 두어 개발된 제품

시료의 물리적 조작이 주업무일 때 = SZX series
–Injection 작업을 위한 스테레오 이미지가 중점이 됨

물리적 조작 보다는 이미지 품질 및 시그널 검출이 중요할 때 = MVX10
–형광의 밝기와 해상력이 주요 강점

Spec.: MVX-ZB10

Zoom body

– Type: single zoom”@”iZoom ratio:10)
– Zoom magnification: 0.63x – 6.3x –Max. NA(1x Ob): 0.25 (Stereo: 0.125)
– AS: Built in
– Body mount: Dovetail (same as SZX)
– Tube mount: Dovetail same as BX
– Objective mount: M65 x 1.5 mm thread
– Nosepiece: Screw method (same as SZX)
– Body length: 211mm
– Zoom click stop: 0.63,0.8,1,1.25,1.6,2,2.5,3.2,4,5,6.3 (possible to release)
– Magnification display: zoom magnification (differ from SZX12 and SZX9)


uTilting Trinocular head for MVX
– Tilting and Trinocular design

» FN: 22 »BI angle: 0- 23 degree
» Interpupillary distance: 51 – 76mm
» Optical path: 2 position (BI/photo: 100/0 and 0/100)
» 3D-effect is available by pupil separation mechanism
» Erect Image

– Tube lens
» Tube magnification: 1x (tube lens f= 180mm)
» Tube mount: Dovetail same as BX
» Restriction with regular Trinocular

– TV adaptors
» TV adapter: MVX-TV1xC, ,MVX-TV 0.63xC ( exclusive use)
» No compatibility with UIS2 adaptors

– Internal magnification changer MVX-CA2X
» Detachable into MVX-TTRS

– Eyepiece: Use WHN series
» Diopter scale adjustment: none (with the eyepiece)

Spec.: MVX-RFA

Coaxial fluorescence illuminator
– Filter change: 4 position turret

3 mirror unit position + Blight field position
Mirror units: XL type (See next page)
– FS: Built-in, AS: none
– Slider : open/2filter position

32ND filters pocket
– Lamp house mount: Same as BX system
  Lamp house : 100W Mercury/75W Xenon
– Tube mount: Dovetail same as BX

  Excitation Emission Comment
U-MGFP/XL 460-490 510- Exist product for GFP/Long path
U-MGFPA/XL 460-490 510-550 Exist product for GFP/Band path
U-MCFPHQ/XL 425-445 460-510 New product for CFP/Band path
U-MCFPHQ/XL 460-480 495-540 New product for GFP/Band path
U-MYFPHQ/XL 490-500 515-560 New product for YFP/Band path
U-MRFPHQ/XL 535-555 570-625 New product for DsRED/Band path

Spec.: Objective lens

Spec.: Objective lens

MVX exclusive PF (Per-focal) objectives

Per-focal length: 137mm
Mount: M65 x 1.5 mm thread
End part external diameter: 60mm (Same as SZX)”iwith out MVPLAPO2XC”j
The MVPLAPO2XC equips with optical correction mechanism for live cell in the water
Two place nosepiece available : MVX-2RE

Name WD NA(Mono) NA(Stereo)
MVPLAPO 0.63X 87 0.15 0.078
MVPLAPO 1X 65 0.25 0.125
MVPLAPO 2XC 20 0.50 0.25