Retiga Exi

Retiga Exi


생명과학과 산업 분야의 극저조도 / brightfield /darkfield / fluorescence / NIR 이미징을 위한 고감도 정량 분석용



1392×1040 pixels

6.45 µm x 6.45 µm

2/3″ optical format

Sensor Readout Noise 8e-

Dark Current 0.15e-/ pix/s cooled

Electronic Shutter

Binning up to 8×8


Cooling 25°C below ambient

External trigger



Brightfield/Dark Field Microscopy

Fluorescence Microscopy

Pathology, Histology, Cytology


DNA analysis

NIR Imaging

Motility and Motion Analysis

Semiconductor Inspection

Failure Analysis

Forensic Analysis



Retiga EXi Fast 1394 Mono Cooled
Model: RET-EXi-F-M-12-C-IR
Model: RET-EXi-F-M-12-C

Retiga EXi Fast 1394 Color Cooled
Model: RET-EXi-F-CLR-12-C

Retiga EXi Fast 1394 Mono
Model: RET-EXi-F-M-12-IR
Model: RET-EXi-F-M-12

Retiga EXi Fast 1394 Color
Model: RET-EXi-F-CLR-12

Retiga EXi Mono Cooled
Model: RET-EXi-M-12-C-IR
Model: RET-EXi-M-12-C

Retiga EXi Color Cooled
Model: RET-EXi-CLR-12-C

Retiga EXi Mono
Model: RET-EXi-M-12-IR
Model: RET-EXi-M-12

Retiga EXi Color
Model: RET-EXi-CLR-12


Retiga EXi Fast 1394 Data Sheet

Retiga EXi Data Sheet