TOMORO AcquCAM II – discontinued

TOMORO AcquCAM II – discontinued



성능비를 지닌 현미경용 이미지 분석에 적합한


130만 화소가 제공하는 고화질의 이미지는

전용 On-board 프로세서에 의해 더욱 정교한

이미지를 제공합니다.

또한 USB2.0 규격을 지원으로 사용상의 편리함과

480Mbps의 빠른 전송 속도로 고화질의 이미지를

초당 15프레임의 속도로 관찰 할 수 있습니다.


* 1.3 Mega pixel Image Sensor

* Color, Progressive scan

* Lower Fixed Pattern Noise

* High Speed USB2.0 (4.8Mb/s)

* 15 fps at 1280×1024 resolution, 60 fps at 640×480 resolution

* Auto White Balance support

* Snap-shot mode for use with strobe

* RGB Bayer video output

* Select 8or 10-bit pixel data

* Faster frame rates with reduced Region of Interest

* GPI/Os for control of peripherals and synchronization of lighting (4in/4out)

* Preview Software provided (TOMORO AcquPro 2005)

* Software compatible with Windows 98SE/2K/XP operating systems

* TWAIN and Direct Show Compatible



Image Device 1/2 inch Color CMOS Sensor (6.5 x 5.3 mm array)
Effective Pixels 1280×1024, 5.2 um square pixels
Frame Rate 15 fps at 1280Í1024, 60fps at 640×480
Sensitivity High
Dynamic Range 60dB
Auto Exposure Automatic / Manual
White Balance Automatic / Manual
Dimensions (W x H x D) 7.5 x 7.5 x 6.5 cm
Mass Approx 300g
Power Requirement USB bus power, or external 6V DC, 500mA
Power Consumption ~ 2.5 Watts
Operating Temperature 0 ℃ ~ +50 ℃
Operating Humidity 20 % ~ 80 % Non-Condensing
Interface Connector Standard USB (USB 2.0)
Lens mount C-mount
Frame Buffer Internal 3 Frame buffer (Optional expansion to 12 frames)