VF-300 Vibratome

CompresstomeⓇ VF-300 의 특징 : 

  • Compresstome® 제품군의 주력 제품
  • 완벽하게 자동화된 슬라이스 기술
  • 특허의 슬라이스 기술을 통해 건강한 티슈의 생존 능력을 두 배로 높임
  • 편리한 사용

VF-300 의 적용 가능 분야 :

  • 전기생리학
  • 기관형배양
  • 폐의 정밀 절단용

VF-300 의 Technical Spec :

Technical Specification VF-300
Advance Speed 0-20 ㎜/s, adjustable
Return Speed 20 ㎜/s, fixed
Vibration Frequency 0-20 ㎐, adjustable
Vibration Amplitude 2 ㎜, fixed
Z-axis Vibration < 2 ㎛
Blade double edge stainless,
ceramic blades
Cutting Angle 13 degrees,
Thickness Adjustment digital adjustment,
Micrometer Resolution 1 ㎛/step
Maximum Tissue
15.5 ㎜ ((standard tube),
6 ㎜, 12.5mm (small tube)
Maximum Tissue
25 ㎜
Minimum Slice
4 ㎛
Cutting Mode single/ continuous selectable
Bath 140 x 60 x 30 ㎜
Power Source DC 13-15 V
Power Consumption 4 W
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 330 x 240 x 190 ㎜
Weight 7 ㎏
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Training  Videos :

VF-300 Embedding & Slicing
VF-300 Maintenance
VF-300 Changing & aligning Blade
The VF-300 is the workhorse of the Compresstome®family.  With our compression technology, this fully automated slicer excels at sectioning slices used for:
Our slicer technology allows you to double your slice viability. The Compresstome®  is also easy to use. Our online training videos will allow everyone in your lab to produce excellent slices.

At Precisionary Instruments, we aim to push the boundaries of scientific research. That’s why we love to see how scientists find new ways to use our products.

At the Allen Institute, the “open science” concept pairs neuroscientists with system engineers to come up with innovative ideas and conjure them into existence. We are proud that the Compresstome® can be part of this project, helping the scientists work with both mouse brains as well as human brain tissues.

Products we recommend to purchase with VF-300-0Z:

To reduce contamination when working with both fresh and fixed tissue we recommend purchasing additional:

Consumables we recommend for quality use include:

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