VF-700-0Z Vibratome

 CompresstomeⓇ VF-700-0Z 의 특징 : 

  • 고정된 티슈의 슬라이스를 위한 특별한 디자인
  • 21 ㎜ 의 지름으로 더 넓은 티슈에 사용이 가능
  • 완벽하게 자동화된 슬라이스 기술
  • 면역 조직 화학의 얇고 부드러운 티슈 제작
  • Auto Zero-Z® 기술로 직접 Z 축 튜닝을 할 필요가 없음
  • 특허의 슬라이스 기술을 통해 티슈의 생존 능력을 두 배로 높임
  • 편리한 사용

VF-700-0Z 의 적용 가능 분야 :

  • 면역조직화학

VF-700 의 Technical Spec :

Technical Specification VF-700-0Z
Advance Speed 0-20 ㎜/s, adjustable
Return Speed 20 ㎜/s, fixed
Vibration Frequency 0-20 ㎐, adjustable
Vibration Amplitude 0.3 ㎜, fixed
Z-axis Vibration ~0 ㎛
Blade ceramic blades
Cutting Angle 20 degrees,
Thickness Adjustment digital/automatic
Slice Thickness
1 ㎛
Tissue Diameter 22 ㎜ (Max.)
Maximum Tissue
25 ㎜
Slice Thickness 10 ㎛ (Min.)
250 ㎛ (Max.)
Cutting Mode Single/ Continuous
Bath 210 x 80 x 35 ㎜
Power Source DC 13-15 V
Power Consumption 4 W
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 300 x 280 x 280 ㎜
Weight 9 ㎏

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Training  Videos :

Video Demo
How to change blade
Tissue embedding & slicing

VF-700-0Z 부품 : 

VF-700-0Z  소모품 : 





The VF-700-0Z is designed specifically for sectioning fixed tissues.  With a wider diameter of 21 mm, it can accommodate both rat and mice brains.  With our patented compression technology, this fully automated slicer excels at sectioning slices used for:

Our slicer technology allows you to double your slice viability.  The Compresstome® is also easy to use. Our online training videos will allow everyone in your lab to produce excellent slices.



Products we recommend to purchase with VF-700-0Z:

To reduce contamination when working with both fresh and fixed tissue we recommend purchasing additional:

Consumables we recommend for quality use include:


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