VF-900-0Z Vibratome

CompresstomeⓇ VF-900-0Z 의 특징 : 

  • 큰 동물의 티슈를 슬라이스 하기 위해 설계
  • 티슈의 지름이 최대 165 ㎜ 인 인간의 뇌 슬라이스가 가능
  • 뇌 전체를 절단해야 하는 신경 해부학 및 신경 병리학 실험에 용이
  • 티슈를 40 ㎛ 까지 슬라이스 가능
  • Auto Zero-Z® 기술로 직접 Z 축 튜닝을 할 필요가 없음
  • 특허받은 압축 기술

VF-900-0Z 의 적용 가능 분야 :

  • 면역조직화학

VF-900 의 Technical Spec :

Technical Specification VF-900-0Z
Advance Speed 0-20 ㎜/s, adjustable
Return Speed 20 ㎜/s, fixed
Vibration Frequency 0-20 ㎐, adjustable
Vibration Amplitude 0.4 ㎜, fixed
Z-axis Vibration < 5 ㎛
Blade tungsten carbide
Cutting Angle 20 degrees,
Thickness Adjustment digital/automatic
Slice Thickness
2 ㎛
Tissue Diameter 170 ㎜
Maximum Tissue
120 ㎜
Slice Thickness 40 ㎛ (Min.)
500 ㎛ (Max.)
Cutting Mode Single/ Continuous
Bath 730 x 250 x 45 ㎜
Power Source DC 13-15 V
Power Consumption  8 W
Dimension ( L x W x H ) 760x 430 x 450 ㎜
Weight 30 ㎏

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VF-900-0Z 부품 : 

VF-900-0Z  소모품 : 




The VF-900-0Z is designed for sectioning the tissue of larger animals. With a diameter of up to 165 mm, it allows the sectioning of human brains.  Many neuroanatomy and neuropathology experiments require sectioning entire brains from these animals. The VF-900-0Z is capable of sectioning slices for these tissues down to 40 microns.
With our patented compression technology, this fully automated slicer excels at sectioning slices used for:

The Compresstome® is also easy to use. Our online training videos will allow everyone in your lab to produce excellent slices.


How is the Compresstome® different from a vibratome?  You can read about a discussion thread on ResearchGate on selecting the best tissue sectioning tool for you.

The Compresstome® is also the best machine to cut adult and senior brain slices.  The paper and the associated protocol can be found in Brain Slice Methods.



Products we recommend to purchase with VF-900-0Z:

To reduce contamination when working with both fresh and fixed tissue we recommend purchasing additional:

Consumables we recommend for quality use include:


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